2nd European Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan Gathering 2018 – Czech Republic

Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan UK & Europe announcement:
We are planning the 2nd European gathering for May 27th to June 3th 2018.
6 days of training under the guidance of Jim Uglow and his senior London students.
This will be one of the greatest chances to assemble everyone together in a fantastic setting, to train together but also to create a proper family. Meet brothers and sisters from different countries, make new friendships …

Program: The program topics will be fixed later but as you all know there is always plenty of great information to learn from Jim and our elder brothers.

Price: will be updated Euros hand-over cash (covers accommodations, 3-4 meals a day and training).
Venue: Czech Republic, camp at Zubri u Noveho Mesta na Morave
Location: Its about 80 km from Brno (airport with direct flights from London, Munich, Eindhoven) and about 100 km from Prague.
Transportation: Group transport will be organized from both airports to the campsite and back (expect about 20 Euros each way).
You can also fly to Vienna (and there are few buses a day from Vienna airport to Brno for 15 Euros).

Why Czech? Some of you may be wondering why we decided to do it in Czech. Because there is a wonderful camp there where we can train outside all day long (as you can see below) in a picturesque setting. If it rains, there is a large room for training. Costs are also much much cheaper in Czech than in most European countries. Beer or coffee are only 1 Euro, for example. Of course, there will be a Bar at the camp open just for us

Contact: If you have any question, please feel free to send a message to Zdenek Kurfurst (“Sid”) at zdenek.kurfurst@gmail.com. Phone +420 608 711 933 (WhatsApp, Viber)
More information will be published here and on our web pages as more details are determined.

Instructors who plan to come with their students, contact Sid for Group Rates.

Deadline for registration – 20. 5. 2018

Accommodation and Boarding
10 cottages with 2 rooms per cottage – our main choice.
Rooms with 3 beds (can be 2 person per room). Each room has its own shower and toilet.
Each cottage has a kitchen with a kettle, cooker, fridge and crockery.
Not a 4-star hotel but more than acceptable accommodation.
There are no single rooms available. But if we can’t fill all cottages, you can order room as single. But you will have to pay another bed which is 15 Euros per night,
Larger accommodation (building with 5 rooms) – 15 beds. 2 toilets and 2 showers per building. And one kitchen with a kettle, cooker, fridge and crockery.
Small cottages – usually 2 persons per cottage with heating. Toilet and bathroom is in a separate building.
Wi-Fi – there is internet signal at the camp, so you can use your computers for work …
Electrical plug – Type E is used in Czech, its compatible with most of Europe. Except UK 🙁

Boarding – 3 meals per day. Breakfast and dinner will be buffet style. Food style – meat, vegetarian, non-celiac (let me know what you prefer).

Bar is open per our request. You can buy hot and cold drinks there. And some snacks as well.
No need to exchange to Czech Koruna (local currency) individually in advance, you can do it in Camp.

Camp – How to get there
Arrive – Sunday 27.5. – afternoon/evening is best time.
You can travel to Brno or Prague.
We will transport attendants by bus to camp from and to both airports. Expected price is about 20 Euros each way.
Prague – preferable time to arrive is afternoon. Bus will depart from airport about 7-8 PM.
Brno – bus from Brno airport to camp – depart about 5:30PM.

You can also flight to Vienna and then take bus/train to Brno. I will help you with bus tickets so you don’t have to take care about it. For example if you want to enjoy nice weekend in Vienna which got title of best city for life in last 2 years.
If you prefer individual travelling (car, motorbike) – GPS of camp is 49.5782972N, 16.1352139E

For return.
If you can, buy late afternoon/evening flights on Sunday 4.6.
We will train until lunch and then buses will transport you to Prague or Brno.

Brno Airport flights
Prague Airport flights

If you can’t arrive for whole week, you can take attendance just for few days.
Fee in case of partial attendance:  Euros/day – training and full accommodation

I can help you get individually to Camp if you need so. Like to find connection from airport to Camp, buy bus/train tickets inside of Czech and organize transport from closest bus/train station to Camp.
In that case – contact me directly on email.
You can contact me (Sid) at zdenek.kurfurst@gmail.com or phone +420 608 711 933 (WhatsApp, Viber)



  1. Cathy Enderton says:

    The 2017 gathering was WONDERFUL. Zdenek Kurfurst (“Sid”) and crew did a fantastic job of organization. Jim Uglow with assistance from his disciple Warren taught outstanding sessions. The camp is charming with comfortable if not fancy accommodations. They have a jolly bar where many of us gathered in the evening for beer and other drinks. It was a very enjoyable experience. I had never been in the Czech Republic before so I added two days in Prague which I found to be a fascinating city. I especially enjoyed a chamber music concert in a 13th Century church. I hope to attend again next summer!
    Cathy Enderton (USA)

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